Board of Education


· Karen Beranek (Chair)

· Jocelyn Geske (2021 Council Rep)

· Bridget Arkell

· Leah Teveldal 

· Trudi Juhnke

· Misty Willhite 

· Wendy Wondercheck

 Additional Information on our Board of Education 

  • Operates the Sunday School program for all ages; recommending materials, etc 
  • Assist and guide under the supervision of the Pastor, for the confirmation instruction
  • Operates the VBS program; recommending material for instruction, etc 
  • Promotes adult education in our congregation 
  • Responsible for appointing a Sunday School Superintendant after consultation with the Church council 
  • Seek Sunday School and VBS teachers for all grade levels 
  • Deal with any problems or concerns brought to their attention 
  • Inform teachers of educational opportunities; provide workshops to help teachers in their ministry 
  • Conduct Confirmation interviews